AfterBurner Removable Hard Drive time lapse DVD Recorder
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AfterBurner 24-hour time-lapse recorder with removable hard disk



AfterBurner Removable HDD offers the same features and functions as AfterBurner, but with the advantage of a removable 2.5” SATA hard disk drive (HDD).


The hard disk, which is installed in an Addonics Jupiter disk caddy, can be easily removed and connected to a PC or laptop using the USB-2 interface cable provided. A 250GB drive is supplied as standard with disk capacities of up to 1 TB supported, allowing up to 26 days of high quality real-time recording which can be extended to several weeks in time-lapse mode.

The hard disk is installed in a removable Addonics
disk caddy. For more information see

The Addonics Jupiter caddy system is readily available from a number of suppliers so installing new hard disks is simple and very cost effective.


AfterBurner Removable records in industry standard MPEG-2 format providing excellent picture quality combined with ease of playback and editing. The files are compatible with Ovation’s DVD Explorer review software which is available free to all AfterBurner users.

AfterBurner Removable retains all the key features of the standard, Queen’s Award-winning AfterBurner including real-time and time-lapse record modes, internal timers, external triggers and low DC power consumption.


AfterBurner Specification

Outline Specifications  
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 deg C Can be extended to -20 to + 60 deg C when an automative or solid-state drive is fitted
Mechanical Size W:155mm x H:90mm x D:260mm
Finish Painted aluminium
Weight 2.2 kg approx
Standard accessories Mains PSU, user guide, DC lead
Operating voltage range 10 to 20 V DC
Power consumption Standby: <5mA at 12 V DC
Recording: <9W (~0.7 A @ 12V)
Removable hard disk 250 GB SATA 2.5” drive. Capacities up to 1 TB supported
Disk caddy system Addonics Jupiter. Removed drives connect to a PC via USB-2 adapter cable provided
Internal record timers 4
Alarms User definable change of record rate on alarm.
On-Screen display Preset & user definable format of date, time, status etc
Video standards supported PAL/NTSC (auto switching)
Video I/O connectors BNC / S-video mini DIN
Video compression MPEG-2 with time-lapse capability
Video Input / output level 1 Vpp into 75R
Digital sampling resolution 720 pixels by 576 lines (PAL)
720 pixels by 480 lines (NTSC)
Video quality adjustment 5 levels
Real-time record duration ~160 hours with 250 GB drive in high quality
Time-lapse recording modes PAL: 25, 12.5. 8.3, 6.3. 5, 4.2, 3.6, 3.2, 1.6, 0.45 frames / sec.
(only recorded with real-time video)
Number of channels 2
Audio I/O connectors RCA Phono
Input impedance > 10k R
Audio monitor output Hardwired to input
Compression MPEG-1 level 2
Input / output level Line: ~200 mV peak to peak


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.