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AfterBurner Remote Control Software


The AfterBurner remote control software aids the set-up and control of an AfterBurner via a PC and serial RS232 / RS485 link. It is available free to download for existing AfterBurner users by clicking the link below. It is a stand-alone (.EXE) file that does not require installation.

Download AftBurn.exe (1.2 MB)


Remote Control

With the remote control software it is possible to control a number of AfterBurners remotely over an RS232 or RS485 serial data link. In this mode, the software mimics the front panel display and buttons so everything that can be done locally can be achieved remotely. Even the DVD eject button functions!


On-Screen Display Set Up

With a limited number of buttons, setting up the AfterBurner onscreen display can be time consuming. However, with the utility's X Y coordinate input and drag and drop capability, formatting the onscreen display to your exact requirements could not be easier.




Loading and Saving Configurations


With the software, it easy to load an AfterBurner configuration and save it to your PC's hard drive as an .INI file. Once saved, it can then be download to other AfterBurners so they can be quickly set-up with exactly the same configuration.


DVD Information

Each AfterBurner DVD is burnt with a unique volume label (DVD name) that includes the serial number of the AfterBurner unit and a date code. Simply enter the DVD name and the software will show the DVD's creation date and time.



Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.