AfterBurner - Contour ShuttlePro2 Jog and Shuttle Pad
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Contour ShuttlePro2 Jog and Shuttle Pad


ShuttlePro2 is a multimedia editing controller, which offers fifteen fully programmable buttons and comes pre-configured for many applications. ShuttlePro2 can be interfaced with DVD-Explorer, the unique software program designed for viewing DVDs recorded by AfterBurner.

ShuttlePro2 gives simple and effective control of playback functions including step-by-step forwards/backwards and fast-forward and rewind. The inner wheel rotates 360 degrees and provides precision frame-by-frame control.

The jog and shuttle pad can also be used with many other applications for purposes such as scrolling, volume control and sequencing.


Contour-ShuttlePro2 Key Assignment

You can manually assign ShuttlePro2 keys and controls to DVD-Explorer functions. The DVD-Explorer install CD includes a file named "DVD-Explorer.pref" that may be imported into the ShuttlePro software to give the following key assignment:


Countour-ShuttlePro2 Key Assignment
Contour-ShuttlePro2 Key Assignment

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AB1A-5367 ShuttlePro2 Jog and Shuttle Pad £79.00 (price exclusive of delivery and VAT)





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