DelayLine video delay system
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DelayLine Video & Audio Delay System


DelayLine is a simple and cost-effective video delay system. DelayLine can be used in many applications where a constantly rewriting video store is required. Example applications include storing video whilst a video recording or transmission system powers-up, synchronizing video and audio feeds, sports coaching and action replay of sports or CCTV events.

DelayLine video delay system operates by utilising large banks of memory to provide video delay with only a negligible loss in quality. Various DelayLine models are available offering delays from milliseconds to over 1 minute. For flexibility, the amount of delay is user adjustable in 1/16 steps. Dual channel high quality audio delay, synchronized with the video, is available as an option.


The video delay system consists of a small DC powered unit that is very simple to install and operate.

Video DelayLine Dimensions and Interfaces:

Dimensions and Interfaces


Video DelayLine Specification


Mechanical size 32 x 58 x 168
Operating temperature range -10 to +55 deg C
Weight 225g (approx)
DC power requirement

7 to 32 V DC at <1.8 Watts
(e.g. < 150mA at 12V)

Standard accessories User guide, DC power lead
Video Delay  
Video standards supported PAL, NTSC
Video connectors BNC
Video input / output levels 1 Vpp 75 ohm
Delay Control 16 way (hex) switch
Standard Delays
(other delays special order)
Total Delay :
0.8 Sec
2.0 Sec
3.2 Sec
7.5 Sec
15 Sec
30 Sec
60 Sec
120 Sec
in 16 steps of :
50 mS
125 mS
200 mS
0.47 S
0.94 S
1.88 S
3.75 S
7.50 S
Audio Delay (optional):  
Number of channels 2
Input impedance > 10kR
Output impedance < 100R
Max I/O level 2.5 V pp
I/O connector 3.5mm stereo jack
Bandwidth >15 kHz
Digitising 16 bit linear


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.