Rugged and Covert Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for video surveillance.
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Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for Video Surveillance Operations



FindMe PC software application designed to make connection and streaming of live video from FlashBack-3 and AfterBurner-2 DVRs easy over the Internet


New Product

Ovation FindMe is a new PC software application that allows finding, controlling and streaming of video from remote FlashBack-3's and AfterBurner-2 DVRs over the Internet.


AfterBurner range of time-lapse DVD recorders and accessories for long term police surveillance operations:


Now with SHA-2
Hash Coding

AfterBurner-2: AfterBurner-2 has been designed in conjunction with police forces around the world, and retains all the key features of the original AfterBurner-1. AfterBurner-2 comes with the addition of programmable internal video quad, motion detection on all 4 inputs, Ethernet port and SHA-2 hash coding.

New Product

AfterBurner-2 Removable: This evidential time-lapse recorder offers the same features and functions of AfterBurner-2 but with the advantage of a removable 2.5" SATA hard disk drive.


New Product
MultiBurner-2 is the new automated system for batch burning of video recorded on Ovation Systems' AfterBurner-2 DVR to DVD, greatly reducing the time taken to process evidence.

AfterBurner: time-lapse DVD video recorder specifically designed for police surveillance. AfterBurner records to write-once DVD disks that may be played on any player (PC or hardware). Time-lapse recording mode, allows 24 hours or more, to be burnt to each disk.


AfterBurner-mini: a small rugged 24-hour time lapse hard disk DVD recorder that offers the essential features and functions of AfterBurner in a rugged, light weight enclosure.

AfterBurner Removable HDD: offers the same features and functions as AfterBurner, but with the advantage of a removable 2.5" SATA hard disk drive (HDD).


MultiBurner: MultiBurner is an AfterBurner compatible burning station, which is capable of burning up to seven AfterBurner disks unattended and is ideal for long-term surveillance operations.


DVD-Explorer: PC application for the fast navigation and review of AfterBurner recorded DVD disks. Includes advanced features such as single step forwards / backwards, go to date and time, and interface to external jog & shuttle control.

FlashBack-3 range of miniature H.264 covert digital video recorders for the most demanding covert video surveillance operations:

New Product

FlashBack-3G miniature H.264 SD card digital video recorder and streamer with internal 3G modem.
FlashBack-3 Single

FlashBack-3 With its small dimensions, advanced H.264/AVC video compression and the ability to operate over IP networks, FlashBack-3 is the obvious choice for the most demanding covert law enforcement applications.

New Product

FlashBack-3 C is the new version of the highly successful FlashBack-3 range of DVR/Streamers with miniature connectors that are colour coded for easy installation.

FlashBack-2 range of compact and rugged MPEG-2 digital video recorders (DVR) for covert and mobile recording applications:


FlashBack-2: compact and rugged flash memory video / audio recorder designed for ultra covert applications such as body-worn surveillance. FlashBack utilises MPEG2 video compression providing excellent recorded video quality that can be replayed on a PC or burnt on to DVD.



New Product -
FlashBack-2-C: the FlashBack-2 to range of DVRs with miniature colour coded connector pod for use with i-Conex interconnection system.
FlashBack-2 USB
FlashBack-2 USB: is designed to satisfy evidential procedures where the first download is considered the master copy.

FlashBack-2 Quad Pod

FlashBack-2 Quad Pod: is a programmable video quad module for FlashBack-2 and provides full control of each picture's size and position, together with picture cropping and overlay.

FlashBack- Rechargeable

FlashBack-2 Rechargeable: Offers the same benefits of FlashBack-2 with the addition of a internal rechargeable battery. FlashBack-2 Rechargeable is ideal for rapid deployment and short-term surveillance.

FlashBack-2 Motion Detector


FlashBack-2 Motion Detector: a motion detector module, designed to provide a rugged, easily installed motion detector capability for the FlashBack-2 range of covert MPEG-2 video recorders.

FlashBack-2 Deca


FlashBack-2 Deca: offers all the benefits of the FlashBack-2 with the advantage of extended record times via its 10 compact flash card slots. With 128GB cards now readily available, FlashBack-2 Deca offers extensive, continuous "solid state" video recording.