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Ovation's Remote Device Manager


FindMe System diagram

Ovation Systems now manufactures a number of digital video surveillance recorders with an IP connection capability. Managing, controlling and streaming video from these remote devices can be very challenging as many factors such as dynamic IP address, port forwarding etc, have to be exactly right to achieve a successful connection. In order to make network connections to Ovation products easier, we have developed a PC software application called FindMe which finds remote devices on a LAN or the Internet and helps set-up the network connection. A fixed IP server architecture is employed which removes the need to configure router firewalls at the viewing point and allows multiple-users to interact with the units. This server can be hosted by a third party ISP or on a PC within the client’s own network.

Once configured, FindMe shows a list of available devices on your network and simply selecting a device in the FindMe list allows you to gain access to the unit’s configuration webpage, view live video and select recordings for download on a timeline.

FindMe Lists all your Ovation devices connected to the internet and provides easy access to the unit’s configuration webpage, time-line of recordings and a live video stream.


Double-clicking a device in the FindMe list opens a ViewMe page which displays the live video or plays recordings that have been downloaded from the remote device. To aid the selection of clips / files of interest before download, ViewMe includes a timeline of available recordings, overlaid with video and audio activity graphs and alarm snapshots (when enabled). A simple right-click on the time-line is all that’s required to download a file or clip for review. If a GPS receiver is connected to a GPS capable device, ViewMe shows a Google Map of the current position with a historical track of previous positions synchronised with the video playback. In the case of FlashBack-3 DVRS, it is also possible to view recordings made on an SD card with full GPS tracking.


ViewMe lists all the recordings on the remote unit along with a time-line of audio and video activity and Google Map of GPS position with historical track.
Please Note: exact functionality is remote device & configuration dependant



For existing customers, FindMe is available for free download from Ovation’s Secure User Area. Please email with your name, organisation and the serial number of one of your units.



Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.