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FlashBack-2 Deca offers extended record times via its 10 compact flash card slots



FlashBack-2 Deca has all the advanced features and functions of Ovation Systems’ FlashBack-2 range of covert video recorders with the advantage of extended record times via its 10 Compact Flash card slots.

With 128 GB cards now readily available FlashBack-2 Deca offers extensive, continuous hours of “solid state” video recording.

FlashBack-2 Deca Installation

FlashBack-2 Deca is simple to install and in the simplest configuration only requires a video feed, DC supply and record switch to function. Dual channel audio inputs are provided, that can be adjusted for microphone or line level inputs. The unit uses the same 25-way D-Type interface connector as the rest of the FlashBack-2 range and can be used interchangeably with the existing cable assemblies and connecting pods.

FlashBack-2 Deca Operation

On the command of an external record trigger, the unit starts recording to the first available card and when full, moves automatically to the next card, until all cards are full. Each slot has a status LED so it is easy to see which cards are full, partially full or empty. When recording, it is possible to “hot swap” cards for viewing. It is also possible to clear all cards via the unit’s “Format All” button.



FlashBack-2 Deca Front closed
FlashBack-2 Deca Front View (door closed)


FlashBack-2 Deca Front View (door open)

FlashBack-2 Deca Rear View
FlashBack-2 Deca Rear View


Product codes

Product Code
FB10-5426 FlashBack-2 Deca, PAL 10 slot Compact Flash card video & audio recorder, OEM unit, no CF cards.
FB10-5346 FlashBacl-2 Deca, NTSC 10 slot Compact Flash card video & audio recorder, OEM unit, no CF cards.


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.