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FlashBack-2 Compatible Video Motion Detector with Optional
Pre-event Video and Audio Memory Buffer


FlashBack-2 Motion Detector

FlashBack-2 Motion Detector module is designed to provide a rugged, easily installed motion detector capability for the FlashBack-2 range of covert MPEG-2 video recorders.

The module features advanced scene and motion vector analysis, together with user selectable zones, providing highly reliable motion detection. The module is easy to configure via 6 control buttons and an interactive onscreen display.

With standard motion detectors, the delay in detecting motion and then starting a video recorder can be a major problem. The FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Module solves this issue by an internal 7.5 second video and audio memory buffer. When motion is detected, the memory buffer contains several seconds of video before the event, which is then available for recording. The memory buffer time is adjustable so the start of each recording can be at the alarm point, or a few seconds before the event.

The module is housed in a tough milled aluminium enclosure with a rugged hard anodised finish. The unit has two FlashBack compatible 25 way D-Type connectors, so it can be easily installed without any wiring changes.

FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Module Block Diagram

FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Diagram
FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Module Block Diagram


FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Provisional Specification

Outline Specifications:
 Mechanical size (housed) 125 x 76 x 17 mm (target)
 Operating temperature range

0 to +45 deg C
(target: -10 to +60 deg C as an option)

 Finish Hard anodised aluminium
 Weight TBA
 Operating voltage range 6 to 15 V DC
 Power consumption < 1.5 Watts (target)
Current consumption at 12 V < 125 mA (target)
Input / output connectors

1 x 25 way D-Type socket
1 x way D-Type socket plug
(To FlashBack pin out)
SMB for video monitor

Motion Detector:  
Video standards supported PAL and NTSC
Detection Sectors 920
Detection Zones 1 to 920 sectors (multiple zones)
Detection Modes 8
Direction detection none / up / down / left / right
Video and Audio Buffer:
Buffer time 7.5 seconds adjustable in < 1 second steps
Audio gain mic to line level (adjustable)


Product Codes Description
FB2A-5387 Motion Detector module with zone capability and adjustable video & audio pre-event memory buffer


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.