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FlashBack-2 Quad Pod

Based on the highly successful micro-FourSight the FlashBack-2 Quad-Pod is an ultra compact video quad, specifically designed to integrate with the FlashBack-2 range of rugged and covert DVRs.

Unlike most quads, the FlashBack-2 Quad-Pod is very compact, lightweight and power efficient. The Quad-Pod’s advanced digital video processing provides full control of each picture’s size and position together with picture cropping and overlay.

FlashBack-2 Quad Pod

For ease of use the system includes 16 pre-set display modes, which can be reconfigured via its USB / RS232 control ports and optional PC configuration utility. Quad-Pod provides excellent picture quality coupled with real-time update rate per channel. Camera ident plus date and time are shown onscreen, which again are fully configurable via the control ports. The FlashBack-2 Quad-Pod will operate with almost any composite video source, automatically configuring itself for PAL or NTSC operation.

The FlashBack-2 DVR can be plugged directly into the unit without any additional wiring. Three extra video inputs are provided (with switched camera power) along with a video monitor output to help set-up the unit.



FlashBack-2 Quad Pod application diagram FlashBack-2 Quad Pod Application



Quad Pod Dimensions and Interfaces FlashBack-2 Quad Pod Dimensions and Interfaces


Default Display Modes

The diagram and table below show the FlashBack-2 Quad-Pod's default modes. These can be altered to any format of 1 to 4 pictures on one screen (with programable scale, crop and position) using the optional PC configuration software.


FlashBack-2 Quad Pod Display Modes
FlashBack-2 Quad Pod Display Modes (See table below)

Quad - 1:1 aspect ratio
Camera's 1 & 2 cropped to centre section and displayed side by side
Camera 1 full screen
Camera's 1 & 2 horizontally scaled and displayed side by side
Camera 2 full screen
Camera's 3 & 4 cropped to centre section and displayed side by side
Camera 3 full screen
Camera's 3 & 4 horizontally scaled and displayed side by side
Camera 4 full screen
Camera's 1 & 2 cropped to centre section and displayed one above the other
Camera 1 horizontally scaled by 2/3 plus
3 1/3 size images down right hand size
Camera's 1 & 2 vertically scaled and displayed one above the other
Camera 1 full screen plus camera 2 as a
1/3 PiP in top left corner
2 channel video multiplex
Camera 3 full screen plus camera 4 as a 1/3 PIP in top left corner
4 channel video multiplex


FlashBack-2 recordings are compressed in MPEG-2 format which is playable on most PC media player applications. Ovation Systems also provides DVD-Explorer review software free of charge, a PC application that allows for the easy navigation and review of FlashBack-2 recordings along with the ability to export pictures and video clips of interest. DVD-Explorer also plays back Quad-Pod multipelxed recordings, showing each camera full screen or all four as a quad.


Screen shot of DVD-Explorer playing back a 4 channel Quad Pod multiplexed recording made on


Outline Specifications  
Mechanical size 114 x 73 x 32 mm
Operating temperature range -20 to +65 deg C
Finish Hard anodised aluminium
Weight (Housed)

60 g

Operating voltage range 5 to 28 V DC
Power consumption <2 Watts
Current consumption at 12 V 140 mA (approx)
Standard accessories User Guide, 4 pin Lemo 00 mating connectors with leads to open ends
Optional accessories PC Software, RS232C Cable
Video standards supported PAL, NTSC (auto / manual config)
Video input / output levels 1 Vpp into 75R
Video bandwidth

4MHz @- 1dB
5.35 MHz @ -3dB

Signal to noise ratio > 60 dB weighted
AGC Pulling range > + 15%
Digital sampling PAL: 576 lines by 720 pixels
NTSC: 480 lines by 720 pixels
Lock-in time < 1 second
Input camera gen-lock Not required
Number of input channels 4
Preset-display modes 16 (re-programmable via PC software and USB port)
Update rate per image Real-time




Product Codes Description
FB2Q-5477 FlashBack-2 Quad Pod (micro-FourSight programmable video quad plug-in module for FlashBack-2




Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.