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FlashBack-2 Lemo Connection Pod


FlashBack-2 Lemo Connection Pod

The Lemo connector Pod plugs into the 25 way D-Type connector on the rear on the FlashBack-2 unit. This option provides the key interfaces to FlashBack-2 via EGG 00 series Lemo sockets, providing a very secure and rugged connection. The functions & pin-out of the Pod connectors are shown below in Figure 1 and 2.


FlashBack-2 Lemo Series Sockets
Figure 1: Lemo Pod Interfaces


FlashBack-2 Lemo Diagrams
Figure 2: Lemo Pod Pin Assignment





FlashBack-2 Lemo Pod connected to FlashBack-2 Unit
Lemo Pod connected to FlashBack-2 Single



The Lemo Pod is supplied with a cable set as shown in Figure 3 below. If required the system interfaces to an optional GPS antenna / receiver via a 5V regulator.


Lemo Pod Wiring
Figure 3: Lemo Pod Cable Wiring

Product Codes Description
FB2A-5399 FlashBack-2 Lemo Connection Pod for FlashBack-2 with 0.5 metre cable set.





Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.