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FlashBack-2 Configuration Utility

The FlashBack-2 unit may be configured by a PC configuration utility (supplied on CD) that is connected to the FlashBack-2 via a serial lead. (See Figure 1)


FlashBack-2 Configuration Software

Fig 1: FlashBack-2 Serial Connection via Pod

FlashBack-2 Record Setup

The Record Setup enables you to configure the amount of video compression (quality) employed by the system. For example the "Highest" quality setting at full resolution will give you 24 minutes of record time, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. (See Figure 2)

If however you require "Low" record quality with the smallest resolution it will give you 111 minutes of record time. (See Figure 3)

Record Set up for 24 minutesFig 2: Record Set Up for 24 Minutes

Record Set up for 111 minutes
Fig 3: Record Set Up for 111 Minutes


Record Set-Up for Audio Only

The record set-up also allows for audio only recording which gives 416 minutes of audio recorder per
Gigabyte. (See Figure 4)

Record set up for 416 minutes
Fig 4: Record Set-Up for 416 Minutes

On Screen Display

The on-screen display menu allows you to select your preferred date format along with time and date position which is superimposed on the recorded video. (See Figure 5)

On Screen Display
Fig 5: On Screen Display

Record Control

The Record Control is useful when external sensors, such as motion or PIR detectors, are used to start the FlashBack-2. For flexibility, there are three modes of triggered recording. In the diagram below (Figure 6) it shows the FlashBack-2 configured for triggered recording of 30 seconds duration, with no re-trigger. As soon as the "Record Trigger" input goes low (e.g. on switch closure) the unit will start recording and continue to record for 30 seconds, no matter how long or how many times the "Record Trigger" input is activated / deactivated during the 30 second trigger period.


Record Control
Fig 6: Record Control

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