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FourSight-DVI: HD Video Quad Display System with High Definition DVI / HDMI Output


Specifically designed for video surveillance monitoring applications, FourSight-DVI allows up to four PAL or NTSC cameras to be viewed on one high resolution LCD display with outstanding clarity.

Traditional video quads have to reduce the resolution of each input to show more than one camera per screen. FourSight-DVI takes

FourSight DVI

advantage of high-resolution computer and TV LCD displays to show 4 standard definition cameras on the one screen without any loss in quality.

FourSight DVI consists of 4 standard-definition PAL or NTSC inputs which are processed together into to one high-resolution DVI (or HDMI) output. By default, all 4 video inputs are shown as a quad with a further 4 modes displaying different combinations of the 4 inputs on the output screen. FourSight-DVI automatically configures itself for operation with most high-resolution monitors and supports most resolutions from 1024 x 768 pixels to 1920 x 1080 (1080/P).

For OEM applications, the system may be supplied as a unit or PCB, together with full support for interfacing via the product’s external control protocol.

FourSight DVI: High Resolution Video Quad Application Diagram

Typical FourSight-DVI Application

Click here for example FourSight-DVI HD resolution screen shots



Screen grab of typical Standard Definition quad picture
Click picture to see full resolution FourSight-DVI Quad picture




FourSight-DVI-Front View

FourSight-DVI Front View

FourSight-DVI Rear View

FourSight-DVI Rear View


Outline Specifications:
Mechanical size (housed) 160 x 90 x 25 mm
Operating temperature range 0 to +45 deg C
Finish Hard anodised aluminum
DC power connector 2.1mm DC Jack with locking ring
Operating voltage range 6 to 15 V DC
Power consumption 9 Watts
Current consumption at 12 V ~750mA
Standard accessories User guide, DC PSU, DVI to HDMI adapter , DVI Cable
Control ports RS232 and USB Serial
Video input standards supported PAL or NTSC composite video (auto configuration).
Video input connectors BNC
Number of input channels 4
Video input levels 1 Vpp 75 ohm
Input camera gen-lock Not required
Digital sampling per input channel PAL: 576 lines by 720 pixels
NTSC: 480 lines by 720 pixels
Video Output  
Video output connector DVI, HDMI via adaptor.
Digital output modes 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1080
Auto and fixed resolution options.
Preset-display modes 5 plus full screen view of each camera
Update rate per image 60Hz, with optional override to 50Hz for PAL inputs.
Spot monitor PAL / NTSC monitor output (via future firmware upgrade).
Quad Display Modes 5 (not including full screen)



Product Codes

Product Codes Description
FS2B-5699 FourSight-DVI, Advanced video quad display system with high resolution DVI output. 12V PSU and UK mains lead.
FS2B-5700 FourSight-DVI, Advanced video quad display system with high resolution DVI output. 12V PSU and EU mains lead.
FS2B-5701 FourSight-DVI, Advanced video quad display system with high resolution DVI output. 12V PSU and US mains lead.


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