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i-Conex: Video surveillance installations made easy


Ovation’s i-Conex is a new cabling system developed by Ovation Systems specially designed to make the installation and wiring of Ovation’s range of digital video recorders and video surveillance products simple and effective.

The heart of the system is a miniature 4 pin watertight screw-locking connector with a range of cables assemblies which interface many commonly used video, audio and power connectors. One of the huge advantages of the i-Conex system is that any cable can be easily extended by a simple to install in-line extension. This allows the cables to be easily tailored for each and every installation, on-site, without need to use a soldering iron, wire cutters etc.

There is even a range of i-Conex compatible peripherals including microphones, bullet cameras and GPS receivers


Connector Diagram for i-Conex


FlashBack-3C Dual
FlashBack-3C Single

Example i-Conex cable assemblies fitted to Ovation's FlashBack-3-C-Dual and Single digital video recorder
Click here for further information


i-Conex power Cables


Product Codes Description
IC1C-5642 Power Cable to in-line 2.1mm DC Jack Socket
IC1C-5645 Power/Control cable to open ends




i-Conex Control Cables


Product Codes Description
IC1C-5646 4 way control cable to open ends
IC1A-5647 Record push switch with LED



Extension & Splitters

i-Conex Extension & Splitters

The Y-Splitter adaptor allows multiple functions to be split out of a single connector. E.g. Two audio channels, two video channels or multiple control sensor/switches, from the one input connector.


Product Codes Description
IC1C-5650 Extension cable (0.5M Long)
IC1C-5651 Extension cable (1.0M Long)
IC1C-5652 Extension cable (5M Long)
IC1C-5653 Splitter cable


Audio and Video

i-Conex Audio & video


Product Codes Description
IC1C-5654 Video input cable
IC1C-5655 Video in & camera power cable
IC1C-5656 Video and audio monitor out cable
IC1C-5657 Audio input cable pair

Interface Cables

i-Conex interface Cables

Product Codes Description
IC1C-5648 Ethernet interface cable to RJ45 Socket
IC1C-5649 RS232 Interface cable to DB9 Socket


i-Conex Accessories

Product Codes Description
IC1A-5659 Low-light colour bullet camera (PAL)
IC1A-5661 Low-light colour bullet camera (NTSC)
IC1A-5662 Low-light colour square camera (PAL)
IC1A-5663 Low-light colour square camera (NTSC)
IC1A-5664 Knowles microphone pair
IC1A-5665 Knowles microphone right (red)
IC1A-5666 Knowles microphone left (white)
IC1A-5667 GPS receiver

i-Conex is available for the following products:

Click here for further information on FlasBack-3G DVR, Streamer and Tracker.

Click here for further information on FlashBack-3-C Single DVR video streamer. FlashBack-3C Single
Click here for further information on FlashBack-3-C Dual DVR/video streamer. FlashBack-3C Dual
micro-FourSight-C ultra compact quad - available soon.



Click here for further information on FlashBack-2-C Pod Rugged DVR.



Connector functions & pinouts used on the units

Example of i-Conex Peripherals

Knowles Microphone Colour Bullet Camera with FlashBack-3C GPS Receiver
Knowles microphone pair
Colour Bullet Camera
(with FlashBack-3-C Single)
GPS Receiver

Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.