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MultiBurner DVD Burner Stack


MultiBurner is a multiple DVD burning station that is capable of burning up to seven AfterBurner disks unattended and is ideal for long-term surveillance operations.

Saves Time
Burning disks containing evidence gathered can be time consuming. MultiBurner compliments AfterBurner and saves operator time by allowing up to seven DVDs to be burnt without the need to constantly remove and reload disks.

Automatic Burning
MultiBurner is easy to connect to the AfterBurner via a ribbon cable, which is supplied with the unit. When the disks are loaded and the units connected, MultiBurner will automatically burn data gathered from AfterBurner's hard drive.

AfterBurner and MultiBurner

Flexible Burning Station
A single MultiBurner can be used back at base to speed-up the download of evidence gathered from a number of AfterBurners returned from the field. Alternatively, MultiBurner can be deployed alongside an AfterBurner where up to 8 DVDs will be automatically burnt without the need for intervention. When the user returns they will have a set of burnt disks ready for analysis.



Back of AfterBurner and MultiBurner
AfterBurner and MultiBurner are easy to connect via the grey ribbon cable

MultiBurner Specifications

Outline Specifications:
Mechanical size w: 155mm x h:120mm x d:260mm
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 deg C
Finish Painted aluminium
Weight 2.5kg (approx)
Standard accessories Mains PSU, ribbon cable, user guide
Operating voltage range 10 to 20 V DC
Typical power consumption
Standby: 26mA @ 12V (0.3 Watts)
Manual: peak 650mA @ 12 V (8 Watts)
  Idle 320mA @ 12V (3.8 Watts)
Burning: 440mA @ 12V (5.5 Watts)

Burning and Manual :

900mA @ 12V (11 Watts)
Number of additional drives 7
DVDs supported +R, -R, +RW, -RW, +R dual layer
Max DVD burn rate x6 (Dual layer x 2.4)
Typical DVD burn time 15 to 20 minutes


MultiBurner Product Codes

Product Code
MB1B-5402 MultiBurner 7 way multiple DVD burning station for AfterBurner with UK PSU and mains lead
MB1B-5403 MultiBurner 7 way multiple DVD burning station for AfterBurner with EU PSU and mains lead
MB1B-5404 MultiBurrner 7 way multiple DVD burning station for AfterBurner with US PSU and mains lead


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.