DVD Explorer replay and review software for AfterBurner DVDs.
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Free Software makes life easy for review teams!

July 2006 saw the launch of DVD-Explorer, a unique software program specially designed for viewing DVDs recorded by AfterBurner the leading time-lapse DVD recorder used by law enforcers for evidence gathering.

Unlike standard DVD software players that are designed to show video clips and movies, DVD-Explorer has a number of key features that allow for quick review and navigation through the DVD. Its navigation buttons and sliders allow the operator to play, view and save recorded frames from their own PC or laptop, making it ideal for instant review of evidential material. The software is easy to install on a standard PC or laptop and requires minimal training to use. DVD-Explorer supports an external USB jog and shuttle control pad from Contour Design, which allows for simple, one touch control of replay speed and stepping forwards / backwards.

Existing AfterBurner users have already benefited from this free software, and feedback has been very positive. Anyone purchasing AfterBurner will also benefit from this free software.



Special Offer: DVD-Explorer is available for download free of charge for existing AfterBurner users.
Email support@ovation.co.uk, including a serial number of one of your AfterBurner units, for a user-name and password.


DVD-Explorer Screen Shot

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