FlashBack-2 and FourSight prove winning partnership in motor sport
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FlashBack-2 and FourSight have proved to be a winning partnership in the motorsport industry

Ovation Systems' FlashBack-2 compact flash card video recorder and FourSight advanced video quad have proved to be a winning combination in motorsport. As part of an onboard multi-camera recording system installed by Drivedata, spectacular footage has been captured from events such as the Britcar Championship, the recent Le Mans 24 hour race and even F1. Originally designed for covert video surveillance for use by the police and military, FlashBack-2's and FourSight's rugged capabilities have been thoroughly proven onboard some of the world's fastest cars.

Britcar BMW M3-GTR

Flashback and FourSight installed in the
Britcar BMW M3-GTR


FlashBack-2 and FourSight installed in Britcar BMW M3-GTR

John Chambers from Drivedata who supply motorsport teams with onboard camera systems said "combining the advance video quad with the digital video recorder has been an ideal choice for motorsport teams who want to capture different angles from track and driver during race events." One such team is Serverware who took part in the 2006 Britcar Championship. When they approached Drivedata they requested a reliable in car recording system that could withstand harsh conditions. John Chambers further mentioned "When a car is stripped for racing they can suffer from extreme vibration, noise and heat during the

race. It was therefore important that the system can withstand these conditions whilst recording race footage."


FourSight and FlashBack-2 installation Diagram
System Diagram




For a sample of footage recorded by FlashBack-2 and FourSight click here
This footage is courtesy of Drivedata and Serverware

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