FlashBack-2 digital video recorder goes into space
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FlashBack-2 - Goes "Out of this world"

Ovations Systems' FlashBack-2 rugged DVR soars 702 km above the earth onboard Swedish Space Corporation's Maxus-7 space rocket. Known as a “Sounding Rocket”, Maxus-7 took off from the Swedish Space Corporation's launch facility at Esrange in northern Sweden, taking a range of scientific experiments into weightless conditions of space.

Video Footage taken by FlashBack-2

Still from video footage taken by FlashBack-2 onboard
Swedish Space Corporation's Maxus-7 Sounding Rocket



Maxus-7 Launch

Maxus-7 launches into space from the
Swedish Space Corporation's launch site in Esrange, Northern Sweden


The payload separated from the main-rocket and went on to experience 12.5 minutes of micro-gravity at a maximum height of 702 km before re-entering the atmosphere and parachuting safely back to earth. Maxus-7 was a total success, with all the technical systems and the five biological experiments onboard, performing exactly to plan.



Maxus-7 included Ovations Systems' FlashBack-2 rugged digital video recorder to take pictures of the breathtaking views of the earth during the flight. Requiring only minimal modifications for space flight, FlashBack-2 was installed into the payload section.

FlashBack-2 performed flawlessly throughout the flight, withstanding forces of up to 13G during the rocket's assent and an incredible 40G during the shock of re-entry to bring fantastic footage back to earth.

With the outstanding success of FlashBack on Maxus-7, the Swedish Space Corporation are planning to deploy it for their next flight, Maser-11, due for lift-off in April 2008.

For a sample of the space footage recorded by FlashBack-2 click here (4MB)
Footage courtesy of the Swedish Space Corporation. Edited and down-sampled from the original MPEG-2 file and converted to .WMA to speed-up web download.

FlashBack-2, utilises broadcast standard MPEG-2 video compression to record high quality real-time video and audio to a Compact Flash memory card. Once a recording has been made, the flash card may be removed and immediately viewed on a hardware CF media player or a PC.


FlashBack-2  Single and Dual

Photos are courtesy of the Swedish Space Corporation

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