FlashBack-2 rugged digital video recorder at Mercedes-Benz World
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FlashBack-2 - When image is everything!

Ovation Systems' FlashBack-2 is being used as part of an onboard recording system at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, which has opened alongside the remains of the world's first purpose-built motor circuit.


The Brooklands racetrack and museum near Weybridge, Surrey houses the largest automotive visitor centre of its kind in the UK and offers customers the opportunity to browse and test drive every Mercedes-Benz car currently available in the UK.

Mercedes Benz World

To enhance the test drive experience, Mercedes-Benz decided to include an in car video recording system, allowing potential customers to take home a DVD of their drive. After an extensive selection process, Drivedata, the UK's leading supplier of telemetry and video recording systems for motorsport applications, were awarded the contract.


John Chambers from Drivedata said, “The various driving attractions at Brooklands include a wet skid circle, handling circuit and a 10-acre off road course. With driving experts on hand, Mercedes-Benz wanted consumers to experience and enjoy the full extent of the vehicles' repertoire in a safe and controlled environment, whilst capturing the action from miniature onboard cameras. We incorporated Ovation Systems' rugged FlashBack-2 because it contained no moving parts and will withstand temperature and vibration extremes. FlashBack-2 also utilises the broadcast standard MPEG-2 which was an important element in our selection process because the files can be immediately replayed on a standard PC or DVD player and integrated with our automated DVD authoring solution.”


Mr Chambers went on to say "The hands on test-drive at Mercedes-Benz World gives potential customers the chance to fully appreciate the cars dynamics and depth of engineering. At the end of their day, visitors can take away a DVD of their driving experience and watch it time and time again from the comfort of their armchair."

FlashBack-2 installed into Mercedes   On board camera
FlashBack-2 installed into FlashBack-2   On Board Camera

FlashBack-2, selected by Drivedata utilises broadcast standard MPEG-2 video compression to record high quality real-time video and audio to a Compact Flash memory card. Once a recording has been made, the flash card may be removed and immediately viewed on a hardware CF media player or a PC.


Originally designed for covert video surveillance use by the police and military, FlashBack-2 is being used more and more in the motorsport industry because of its excellent picture quality and its ability to cope with harsh environments.

FlashBack-2 single and dual
FlashBack-2 Dual and Single Covert Video Recorders



Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands

Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands has been designed for the whole family. Consumers young and old can really appreciate just what makes the Mercedes car so special.


Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands provides the perfect opportunity to test drive a Mercedes and is also host to interactive exhibits, a restaurant, cafe and boutique, and a conference and hospitality facility.

Mercedes-Benz World



Mercedes-Benz World


Mercedes-Benz World is open daily from
10am-7pm, seven days a week.



Further information on Mercedes-Benz World can be found at www.mercedes-benzworld.co.uk.

Photos are courtesy of Drivedata

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