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Video DelayLine is hitting the target in Archery!

Mathew Symmonds, World Field Archery Champion knows a thing or two about hitting the spot in Archery, which was why he was keen to try DelayLine to find a way of perfecting his shot sequence.

Mathew explains further, " Archery, like many other sports, is basically all about repetition. If an archer can work through their shot sequence exactly the same every time, the arrow will land in the same place on the target every time.

However, as the human body cannot replicate every action exactly, archers strive to achieve a shot sequence, which is biomechanically correct. In other words, the archer will aim to line up the shoulders and drawing arm with the line of the arrow. If this can be achieved, the effect of any differences in the body position and movement from shot to shot will be minimised, allowing consistent grouping of arrows".

Mathew Symonds IFAA World Archery Champion
IFAA World Field Archery Champion,
Mathew Symmonds



"Part of the problem for every archer is knowing exactly what we are doing when we perform our shot sequence. Normally, you cannot perform a shot whilst simultaneously viewing yourself on a television screen because the human consciousness can only concentrate on one issue at a time.

Hence, the Delayline unit is a fantastic solution to the issue".



Mathew Symmonds performing a shot sequence

Mathew performing a shot sequence.


Mathew viewing his shot sequence

Mathew viewing his shot sequence for position correctness.


"With a video delay of around 7 to 10 seconds the archer can perform the shot sequence and then view that shot sequence on video immediately afterwards. In this way we can position the camera at different angles and check body and biomechanical alignment and back and shoulder muscle configuration for correctness."




"Many archers have tried in the past to examine their shooting by recording their shot sequence with a camcorder. However, this is time consuming because one needs to stop the camera, rewind the tape, find the start position and play it back. It does the job, but takes too long between shots. Archers find that if they are working to improve aspects of their form, they need to be able to automatically view the shot immediately after completing the shot sequence and then be able to move on to the next shot – this is exactly what the Delayline enables the archer to do".


UK Sales Manager, Gordon Moore said “DelayLine is being used in lots of sporting applications where an instant review of an event is required. I am delighted that the world field archery champion, Mat Symmonds, is using DelayLine as part of his training regime”.


DelayLine is a cost-effective delay system that can hold up to 2 minutes of video and audio within its internal solid-state memory.  DelayLine is ideal for applications where a constantly recycling video buffer is required such as action replay, pre-event buffer and synchronising video and audio feeds. It has been used in many diverse applications such as sports coaching, video art, museum exhibits and profanity protection of broadcast feeds.

For more information on DelayLine click here


All pictures courtesy of Mathew Symmonds.


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