StableEyes video stabilisation system.
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Ovation Systems and QinetiQ Win Top Product Award at
Europe’s Largest Security Exhibition

The StableEyes video stabilisation system was the overall winner of the IFSEC Security Industry Awards held at the Birmingham Exhibition Centre in the UK. StableEyes was selected from over 100 entries as the most innovative security product of 2004. The award was presented to QinetiQ’s David Barrett and David Millar of Ovation Systems at a dinner organised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).


StableEyes video stabilisation system is used to increase the performance of high-zoom surveillance camera installations where the slightest camera movement, induced by wind or vibration, can cause picture shake. StableEyes employs advanced real-time digital image processing techniques to remove the shake. Installing StableEyes can dramatically improve the quality of shaky video feeds allowing CCTV operators to be far more effective and make best use of the system’s zoom capability in all conditions.

StableEyes is the result of a technology partnership agreement between Ovation Systems and QinetiQ. The system uses video stabilisation algorithms from QinetiQ, developed form their vast experience of video image processing for defence applications. Ovation Systems designed the supporting electronic hardware and housing to produce small and cost-efficient product. Ovation Systems have exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights and are promoting the system worldwide.

Since its launch in September 2003, StableEyes has been a great success with over 500 units already in service. Many more units are on order with over half the production destined for export markets.

David Barret of QinetiQ and David Millar of Ovation Systems
David Barrett of QinetiQ (left) and David Millar of Ovation Systems receiving
overall winner's award for the most innovative product of 2004 at the
IFSEC exhibition in Brimingham UK.