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Alison Thomson gets a First!


Talented visual artist Alison Thomson has completed her BA Fine Arts degree course at the Byam Shaw / Central Saint Martins school of Art and has graduated with First Class Honours.

Alison used a DelayLine as part of her final year project, ‘Now, Then, Later’ to provide a video delay of 3 seconds in a feedback loop where the viewer’s action and reaction became an integral part of the exhibit.  (See previous Ovation Systems’ news item ‘Video Delay is a fine art’).

Alison explains, “Using the DelayLine, I tried different delays and found that 3 seconds worked best. This is the limit of Sensory Memory which allows us to take a 'snapshot' of our environment, and to store this information for a short period.  By setting the delay to 3 seconds I allowed the viewer to constantly 'reset', if you will, their sensory memory in this shifting temporal environment”.


Now, Then, Later’ formed part of the Byam Shaw 2011 Degree Show in London where it received much acclaim from visitors and other exhibitors.

Alison is already making plans for her next video art project and is hoping to work with an established visual artist or to receive backing from one of the major art Galleries. 

Ovation Systems’ UK Sales Manager Gordon Moore said “I knew from her first contact with us that Alison had an extraordinary and unique talent for combining artistic creativity with video technology.  First Class Honours are only awarded in the most exceptional of circumstances and for Ali this is a true reflection of her skill, determination and hard work.  I am absolutely thrilled for her and wish her well for the future.  I hope she will be able to use some of the other Ovation video products in her future projects”.

Layout of installation and construction, Now, Then, Later
Layout of installation and construction

Video Still of Now, Then, Later

Video still: Now, Then, Later




DelayLine is a cost-effective delay system that can hold up to 2 minutes of video and audio within its internal solid-state memory.  DelayLine is ideal for applications where a constantly recycling video buffer is required such as action replay, pre-event buffer and synchronising video and audio feeds. It has been used in many diverse applications such as sports coaching, video art, museum exhibits and profanity protection of broadcast feeds.

For more information on DelayLine click here


Photographs courtesy of Alison Thomson

Contact details
Alison Thomson BA
+44  (0) 7951 547116

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