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Ovation Systems Company Overview



Ovation Systems


Ovation Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for police, law enforcement and military use.

Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation for the development of specialist video surveillance products.


Covert video recorder & 3G streamer

FlashBack-3G Video Recorder & 3G Streamer

FlashBack-3G is a new addition to Ovation Systems’
highly successful FlashBack-3 range of covert SD
card digital video recorders. This new product retains
all the key features of the existing system, such as full
resolution H.264 video compression, internal timers,
audio level and video motion detection but now with
the addition of an integrated 3G modem. Furthermore,
the maximum SD card capacity has been increased
from 32 to 128 GB providing over 4 days of high quality
real-time video recording.


  • Highly compact and rugged SD card digital video
    recorder (DVR) with internal 3G modem.
  • Industry standard H.264 compression for ease of
    streaming and playback.
  • Local recording to removable SD card of up to
    128 GB providing up to 4.5 days of real-time
    recording, even longer with time-lapse recording
  • Simultaneously record and live video stream.
  • Advanced triggers: two external inputs along
    with internal timers, audio level trigger and zoned
    video motion detection.
  • RS232 interface for connection to external GPS
    receivers or PTZ camera mount.
  • Operates with FindMe, Ovation’s PC device
    manager showing:
    - List of remote units connected to LAN or the internet
    - Live video & audio streaming
    - Time-line of recordings with audio & motion activity
    - Download and playback of recorded files or clips
    - Live GPS position on Google maps with track (when GPS receiver connected)







FlashBack-3G Rear View





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Covert DVR Streamer

FlashBack-3 Single amd Dual


FlashBack-3 Single and Dual



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FlashBack-3: Miniature Covert DVR streamer

With its small dimensions, advanced H.264/AVC video compression and ability to stream video over IP networks, FlashBack-3 is the obvious choice for demanding covert video surveillance operations.

  • Highly compact and rugged SD card digital video recorder (DVR) with Ethernet interface.
  • Ethernet interface for IP networking for video streaming and remote file download and configuration.
  • Can record and stream video simultaneously.
  • Single or dual SD memory card slot options. SD high capacity (SDHC) supported.
  • Advanced H.264/AVC video compression - the new video standard used by Blu-ray.
  • Real-time and time-lapse record and stream modes.
  • USB interface for easy download of files.
  • Optional internal 16 zone motion detection.



FlashBack-3 with Ovation's i-Conex miniature Connector System

The FlashBack-3C is a new version of the highly successful FlashBack-3 range of DVR / streamers with miniature connectors that are colour coded for easy installation. 

  • FlashBack-3 DVR streamer with miniature connectors.
  • Mating cable sets included for the FlashBack-3 Single and Dual.
  • Interfaces to commonly used video, audio and power connectors.
  • Easy to install in-line extension cables.
  • Retains all the key interfaces of the standard system.

FlasBack-3C single and Dual





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Covert video recording

FlashBack-2 covert video recorders
FlashBack-2 Single and Dual


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FlashBack-2: Covert video recording

FlashBack-2 utilises broadcast standard MPEG-2 video compression to record high quality real-time video/audio to a Compact Flash (CF) memory card. Once a recording has been made, the flash card may be removed and immediately viewed on a hardware CF media player or a PC.

  • Rugged and compact real-time MPEG-2 video and audio recorder.
  • Records to single or dual Compact Flash memory cards, playable on a PC / laptop.
  • Up to 8 hours of high quality recording, 16 hours with the dual.
  • Stereo line and mic level audio recording.
  • Light weight and rugged with no moving parts, operates to +65°C.

Time-lapse recording

AfterBurner-2 time-lapse DVD recorder with video quad

AfterBurner-2 is a time-lapse DVD recorder that allows you to capture four images with the ability to monitor and remotely control the recording.  AfterBurner-2 has an internal, or optionally removable, hard drive that can be up to 1 TB capacity, providing potentially months of video and audio recording.

  • Has all the capabilities of the original AfterBurner-1.  Internal four camera programmable video quad for greater coverage.
  • Zoned motion detection on all 4 inputs .
  • USB-2 interface for local viewing and file download.
  • Internal or removable hard drive, up to 1 TB for months of recording.
  • Ethernet port for remote control, monitoring and file download.
  • Meets digital imaging guidelines set by the UK Home Office.



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AfterBurner-2 Removable
AfterBurner-2 Removable HDD



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AfterBurner-2: Evidentially secure digital recorder with removable hard disk

AfterBurner-2 Removable HDD offers the same features and functions as AfterBurner-2, but with the advantage of a removable 2.5" SATA hard disk drive and SHA-2 hash coding.

  • Simple removal of the hard disk so evidence can be easily retrieved, viewed and archived.
  • Industry standard MPEG-2 compression providing excellent quality and eas of playback.
  • Real-time and time-lapse record modes.
  • Supports SATA 2.5" drives up to a maximum of 1 TB.
  • With SHA-2 hash coding to evidentially verify recordings.



AfterBurner-1 Removable time lapse recorder

AfterBurner-1 Removable HDD offers the same features and functions as AfterBurner, but with the advantage of a removable 2.5” SATA hard disk drive (HDD).

  • Allows for simple removal of the hard disk so evidence can be easily viewed on a PC.
  • Industry standard MPEG-2 compression providing excellent quality and easy playback.
  • Real-time and time-lapse record modes.
  • Supports SATA 2.5” drives up to a maximum of 1 TB.
  • Uses readily available Addonics Jupiter caddy system. 
  • Offers the same features and functions as AfterBurner-1.

AfterBurner-1 Removable
AfterBurner-1 Removable HDD


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MultiBurner: DVD Burning Station

MulitBurner is a DVD burning station that complements AfterBurner and saves operater time by allowing up to seven DVDs to be burnt without the need to constantly remove and reload disks.

  • DVD Burning Station for use with AfterBurner.
  • Saves time, burns up to seven DVDs without operator intervention.
  • Can be deployed with AfterBurner.
  • 12 V DC powered - suitable for battery operation.
  • Ideal for long-term surveillance.

AfterBurner and MultiBurner
AfterBurner with MultiBurner


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Automated media archiving

Ovation PUMA



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Ovation PUMA: Automated media archiving

Ovation PUMA is a rugged, automated, media card archiving system that offers fast and secure archiving of video, audio and picture evidence gathered on removable flash memory cards and USD data sticks.

  • Simple, easy to use dedicated unit for archiving picture, video and audio evidence gathered on flash memory cards to CD or DVD disk.
  • Bit-for-bit master transfer of card contents with data verification.
  • Additional working copies are easily generated.
  • Optional full erase (overwrite) of card data after archiving.
  • Meets the requirements of the UK Home Office's Digital Imaging Procedures.


Picture in Picture

FourSight: Advance video quad

FourSight is an advanced video quad display system that allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen making it ideal for surveillance monitoring applications.

  • One monitor can view four cameras simultaneously.
  • Choice of 16 user-configurable display modes.
  • Full control of scale, crop, position and overlay for each channel.
  • High quality, real-time update rate per channel.
  • Automatic configuration for PAL or NTSC video inputs.
  • RS232 control of all functions with optional PC configuration utility.



Futher Information






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micro-FourSight Ultra Compact Video Quad Display System


Micro-FourSight is an ultra compact quad, specifically designed for surveillance monitoring applications and allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen.


  • Specifically designed for surveillance monitoring applications.
  • Allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen
  • Small compact size, makes it ideal for ultra covert and mobile installations.
  • DC powered with low current consumption (approximately 140mA at 12V).
  • 16 preset display modes which are fully configurable via PC utility and USB / RS232 control interface.
  • Excellent picture quality with real-time update rate per channel.
  • Onscreen date and time and camera ident.
  • Automatic configuration for PAL or NTSC video inputs.



Image Stabilisation

StableEyes: Real-time image stabilisation for high-zoom surveillance cameras

StableEyes uses the very latest electronic image processing technology to reduce camera shake, leaving operators with clear and steady video.

  • Real-time image stabilisation of PAL or NTSC video images.
  • Improves operational performance of high-zoom surveillance cameras.
  • Operates with live or recorded video.
  • Compact, simple to install hardware.
  • Can improve the performance of compressed video links.



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Video encryption



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Viewlock II: Advanced Video & Audio Encryption

Viewlock II is now established as the leading video encryption system for securing law enforcement wireless covert surveillance links.

  • Dynamic line cut and rotate video encryption.
  • Downloadable 256 bit encryption keys.
  • Optional dual channel digital audio encryption.
  • Small, rugged, waterproof enclosures.
  • On-screen display of status etc.
  • Excellent performance in poor reception conditions.


micro-Viewlock II: Ultra Compact Video Encryption

The world's smallest line cut and rotate video encryption system. Ideal for protecting highly covert surveillance links from interception.

  • Fully Viewlock II compatible including on-screen display and downloadable keys.
  • Very low current requirement (< 45 mA from 12 V DC).
  • Supplied as housed unit or as a PCB for integration inside link equipment.
  • Perfect for highly covert installations.




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Video link expanders




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Gemini-4: Video link expander

Gemini-4 is an advanced video multiplexer system that allows up to four independent video channels to be transported over a single link.

  • Transmits up to four video channels over one link
  • Fast update rate per channel by video field multiplexing.
  • Camera friendly: NTSC and PAL compatible without genlock.
  • Optimised for use with wireless video surveillance links.
  • Small and rugged DC powered units, ideal for covert installations.
  • Advanced picture-in-picture display options.


micro-Gemini-2: Miniature video link expander

micro-Gemini is a miniature video link expander that is easy to conceal when carrying out highly covert surveillance.

  • Easier way to add an extra camera to video surveillance links.
  • Small size means it can be concealed for ultra-covert installations.
  • Low power consumption (typically 130mA at 12V).
  • Gives fast update rate of 25/30 fields per channel.
  • Operates with Gemini-2 and Gemini-4 decoders.
  • Compatible with real-time video links including most COFDM digital links.


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Video scrambling




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Obscura-2: Entry Level Video Scrambling System

Obscura-2 is a low cost video scrambling encoder / decoder pair specifically designed to conceal wireless video surveillance transmissions from casual interception.

  • Cost effective concealment of video surveillance transmissions.
  • Robust static line cut and rotate video scrambling.
  • User selectable key.
  • Low current consumption.
  • Ideal for medium security applications.


Retard vidéo

DelayLine: Video Delay System

DelayLine is a simple and cost-effective video delay system. DelayLine can be used in many applications where a constantly rewriting video store is required. Example applications range from storing video whilst a VCR powers-up, to action replay of sports or CCTV events.

  • Cost-effective video delay from one second to over one minute.
  • PAL and NTSC compatible.
  • DC powered, small and rugged unit.
  • Low power consumption - less than 150 mA at 12 Volts DC.


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Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.