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Picture-in-Picture and Video Screen Splitters

12 V DC powered rugged picture-in-picture and video screen splitters with local and RS232 control.


FourSight: Advanced video quad display processor that combines four pictures onto one screen with any scale, crop and position. Unit features full external RS232 control of all functions.



New Product

FourSight-DVI: An HD video quad display system with high resolution DVI/HDMI output, that allows up to four PAL or NTSC cameras to be viewed on one high resolution LCD display with outstanding clarity.



micro-FourSight Ultra Compact Quad: Ultra compact quad, that allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen. System includes 16 pre-set display modes, which can user reconfigured from a possible 176 display formats.




New Product -

micro-FourSight-C: A new version of micro-FourSight advanced video quad fitted with Ovation's I-Conex miniature connection system for easy installation and wiring.