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AfterBurner-2 DVD Video Recorder


Building on the world-wide success of the award-winning AfterBurner, AfterBurner-2 retains all the capabilities, ease of use and reliability of its predecessor with the addition of some major new features including SHA-2 hash coding. .

The video input now includes a programmable video quad, allowing up to 4 cameras to be recorded to DVD. Each input features motion detection, which can be set to a zone of interest with selectable sensitivity.


AfterBurner-2 also includes an RJ45 Ethernet port for remote control and configuration, recorded file download and taking snap-shots of the video input to ensure the cameras are functioning at the remote site. A simple webpage interface provides basic remote control and monitoring and there is a new PC application for more complex configuration..

AfterBurner-2 has an internal (or optionally removable) SATA 2.5" hard drive which can address disks of up to 1 TB. This provides potentially months of video and audio recording making AfterBurner-2 the ideal video surveillance tool.



AfterBurner-2 Detail


Afterburner-2 Rear View

AfterBurner-2 rear view


AfterBurner-2 Specification

Outline Specifications:
Mechanical size 155 x 90 x 260 mm (as AB-1)
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 deg C (with removable solid state disk -20 to +65 C)
Finish Black Painted aluminium
Weight 2.2 kg (approx).
Standard accessories Mains PSU, User Guide, Power Lead
Operating voltage range 10 to 20 V DC
Typical power consumption Standby: <5mA at 12 V DC
Recording: <9W (~0.7A @ 12 V)
Recording and burning: <24W (~2 A @ 12 V)
DVDs Supported DVD -R, +R, -RW, +RW and +R dual layer
Max DVD burn rate >x6 (typically 15 minutes, or less)
Hard disk drive 250 GB (Up to 1TB possible)
Removable drive version optional
Internal record timers 4
Alarms User definable change of record rate on alarm or motion detection
Onscreen display Preset & user definable format of date, time, status etc.
Video standards supported PAL / NTSC (auto-switching)
Video I/O connectors 4 x BNC inputs, 1 x BNC output
Video input / output level 1 Vpp into 75R
Digital sampling resolution PAL: 720 pixels by 576 lines
NTSC: 720 pixels by 480 lines
Video Compression MPEG-2 with time-lapse capability
Video quality adjustment 5 levels
Real-time record duration 1 to 4 hours per DVD
Time-lapse recording modes 4, 8, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 Hours, 7 Days per DVD.
(eg 24 hours rec rate, - ~2 pics / sec)
(only recorded with real-time video)  
Number of channels 2
Audio I/O connectors RCA Phono
Compression MPEG-1 level 2
Input / output level Line: ~200 mV peak to peak
Data interfaces:  
Ethernet interface RJ45 socket with programmable IP address (DHCP optional)
HTML Web page configuration (password protected)
Download recorded files via PC application
Serial RS232 interface for control and configuration


Product Codes

Product Code
AB2B-5517 AfterBurner-2 DVD video recorder / burner with time-lapse and networking capability. Supplied with UK mains PSU and user guide
AB2B-5518 AfterBurner 2 DVD video recorder / burner with time-lapse and networking capability. Supplied with Euro mains PSU and user guide
AB2B-5519 AfterBurner 2 DVD video recorder / burner with time-lapse and networking capability. Supplied with US mains PSU and user guide


Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.