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micro-FourSight Ultra Compact Video Quad Display System

Micro-FourSight is an ultra compact quad, specifically designed for surveillance monitoring applications and allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen.

Unlike most quads, Micro-FourSight is very compact, lightweight and power efficient.
Micro-FourSight’s advanced digital video processing provides full control of each picture’s size and position together with picture cropping and overlay. For ease of use the system includes 16 pre-set display modes, which can be reconfigured via its USB/RS232 control ports and optional PC configuration utility. micro-FourSight provides excellent picture quality coupled with real-time update rate per channel.


Camera ident plus date and time are shown onscreen, which again are fully configurable via the control ports

Micro-FourSight will operate with almost any video source, automatically configuring itself for PAL or NTSC operation. For OEM applications, the system may be supplied as a unit or PCB, together with full support for interfacing to the product’s USB / serial control protocol.



micro-FourSight Quad System Diagram


micro-FourSight Typical System Diagram
Typical System Diagram



The diagram and table below show the micro-FourSight's default display modes. These can be altered to any format of 1 to 4 pictures on one screen (with programmable scale, crop and position) using the optional PC configuration software.


micro-FourSight Default Display Modes
micro-FourSight's default display modes





Quad - 1:1 aspect ratio


Camera's 1 & 2 cropped to centre section and displayed side by side

Camera 1 full screen

Camera's 1 & 2 horizontally scaled and displayed side by side


Camera 2 full screen

Camera's 3 & 4 cropped to centre section and displayed side by side

Camera 3 full screen
Camera's 3 & 4 horizontally scaled and displayed side by side
Camera 4 full screen
Camera's 1 & 2 cropped to centre section and displayed one above the other
Camera 1 horizontally scaled by 2/3 plus 3 1/3 size images down right hand side
Camera's 1 & 2 vertically scaled and displayed one above the other
Camera 1 full screen plus camera 2 as a 1/3 PiP in top left corner
Camera's 3 & 4 cropped to centre section and displayed one above the other
Camera 3 full screen plus camera 4 as a 1-3 PiP in top left corner
Camera's 3 & 4 vertically scaled and displayed one above the other

Table of micro-FourSight's default display modes





Micro-FourSight example display modes

Click for movie with 16 example Micro-FourSight display modes,
out of a possible 176. (WMV 1 MB)


Micro-FourSight Connections and Interfaces


Micro-FourSight Connection Diagram
Connection Diagram




Micro-FourSight with optional break-out PCBs

micro-FourSight with optional breakout PCB's






micro-FourSight front view
micro-FourSight front view


micro-FourSight Specification

Outline Specifications  

Mechanical size (housed)

82 x 53 x 11.5mm

Operating temperature range

-20 to +65 deg C


Hard anodised aluminum


60g (approx).

Operating voltage range

5 to 28 V DC

Power consumption

< 2 Watts

Current consumption at 12V

140 mA (approx.)

Standard accessories

User Guide, mating connectors with 50mm leads

Optional accessories

1. PC Software, RS232C Cable
2. Video Breakout PCBs


Video standards supported

PAL or NTSC (auto/manual config)

Video input / output levels

1 Vpp 75R

Video bandwidth

4MHz @-1dB, 5.35 MHz @ - 3dB

Signal to noise ratio

> 60 dB weighted

AGC Pulling range

> +/- 15%

Digital sampling

PAL: 576 lines by 720 pixels,
NTSC: 480 lines by 720 NTSC

Lock-in time

< 1 second

Input camera gen-lock

Not required

Number of input channels


Preset-display modes

16 via external switch + 176 via RS232

Update rate per image


Product Codes

Product Codes Description


micro-FourSight: High quality advanced display module supplied with carry case break-out PCBs and software CD.


Micro-FourSight: Break-out PCB set


Micro-FourSight: PC Configuration Software CD and RS 232 programming cable




Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.