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Video Scrambling and Video Encryption



Ovation Systems manufacture a complete range of video scrambling and video encryption systems designed to secure analogue wireless video surveillance links from interception.




Viewlock II: the world's leading video encryption system for use in law enforcement applications. Multiple encryption keys, line cut and rotate video scrambling, optional digital audio scrambling and a small rugged construction makes Viewlock ideal for covert surveillance applications. 



Micro-Viewlock II: is an ultra compact version of Viewlock II video encryption system. Its small dimensions and low DC power consumption make the system ideal for highly covert applications, such as body-worn installations, or for integration into third-party video surveillance equipment.

Micro-View/Audiolock II: as micro-Viewlock but with the addition of dual channel digital audio scrambling. Video and audio encryption system for ultra covert / OEM microwave video surveillance applications.

ViewLock-II KeySafe
Viewlock-II KeySafe: is a convenient way of programming the Secondary Encryption Key in ViewLock-II without the use of a PC or laptop computer. 



Obscura: is an entry-level video scrambling system designed to prevent licence exempt video links from interception by video scanners.