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Viewlock II KeySafe

KeySafe is a convenient way of programming the Secondary Encryption Key in Ovation System’s Viewlock-II video encryption system without the use of a PC or laptop computer.

In addition to the Primary (factory set) Encryption Key, Viewlock-II has a Secondary (user definable) Encryption Key which is only known by the end user. This allows Viewlock-II encoders and decoders to be uniquely keyed as required. Also, in the highly unlikely event of a decoder entering the ‘wrong hands’, the Viewlock-II system can be easily reprogrammed in a way that will only be known to the legitimate user.

ViewLockII KeySafe

Previously, the only way to program the Secondary Encryption Key has been directly with a PC or laptop which is not ideal for field operation. However once KeySafe has itself been programmed*, a serial interface cable is all that is additionally required.

KeySafe is battery operated with an estimated battery life in excess of four years.

*A copy of Ovation System’s VL2-Talk software is required to program KeySafe and is supplied as part of the package along with all required serial cables for use with Viewlock-II, micro-ViewLock-II and Audiolock-II.

KeySafe Technical Overview

. KeySafe Application Diagram
KeySafe Application

KeySafe Dimensions and Interfaces
KeySafe's Dimensions and Interfaces


KeySafe Specification

Outline Specifications  
Mechanical size (housed) 32 x 58 x 115 mm
Operating temperature range 0 to +55 deg C
Finish Painted aluminium
Weight (housed) 170g.
DC power Internal battery
Battery life >4 years with average use
Standard accessories User guide, VL2-Talk software on CDROM, RS232 interconnecting cables, carry case
Number of secondary keys 12 + Secondary Key Clear
Compatibility Viewlock-11, micro-Viewlock-II & Audiolock-II
Other requirements PC or Laptop with RS232 port to run VL2-Talk software

Please note: Viewlock-II, micro-Viewlock-II and Audiolock-II are sold separately





Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.