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AfterBurner-mini miniature 24-hour time-lapse hard disk DVD Recorder


AfterBurner-mini is a small rugged 24-hour time-lapse hard disk DVD recorder that offers all the essential features and functions of AfterBurner without the integral burner.

Designed specifically for police video surveillance operations, AfterBurner-mini is easily configured for video quality and record rate via its front panel LCD. Once set up and installed AfterBurner-mini will continually record to hard disk with the option of stopping or overwriting when the disk is full. In 24-hour mode, this means the unit can be left unattended for up to 24 days before the oldest video is overwritten.

This small deployable unit is ideal for when concealment space is limited and provides extra security because the recorded data can only be extracted when connected to a MultiBurner back at base.

AfterBurner-mini is easy to install and is supplied with a mains PSU or can be battery powered, requiring less than 700mA at 12V DC when recording.


AfterBurner-mini Technical Overview

AfterBurner-mini System diagram
Typical System Diagram


AfterBurner-mini operates by converting the video input to a digital uncompressed data stream. At this point, on screen display text is added to the video. Video is processed for time-lapse recording in a temporary video buffer before being MPEG-2 encoded and stored on a local hard disk. Recordings are then formatted for capability with standard DVD players.

Recording to hard-disk allows the re-burn of disks in the event of a power failure or malfunction and to provide duplicates when required. It is also possible to leave the unit unattended for a week or more, collecting data that can be downloaded using MultiBurner at a later date.

When AfterBurner-mini is connected to MultiBurner it will automatically burn evidence to DVD.

AfterBurner-mini Detail

AfterBurner-mini Front
AfterBurner-mini Front View




AfterBurner-mini Rear
AfterBurner-mini Rear View

AfterBurner-mini Specification

Outline Specifications:
 Mechanical size (inc connectors) W:155mm x H: 45mm x D:260mm
 Operating temperature range 0 to +40 deg C
 Finish Painted aluminium
 Weight 1 kg (approx).
Standard accessories Mains PSU, User Guide
Operating voltage range 10 to 20 V DC
Power Consumption Standby: <5mA at 12 V DC
Recording: <9W (~0.7A @ 12V)
Internal hard-disk 80 GB (16 DVDs of data) and optional
120 GB (24 DVDs of data)
Internal record timers 4
Alarms User definable change of record rate on alarm
On-screen display Preset & user definable format of date, time, status etc
DVD Burning Via external MultiBurner
Video standards supported PAL / NTSC (auto-switching)
Video I/O connectors BNC / S-Video mini DIN
Video input / output level 1 Vpp into 75R
Digital sampling resolution PAL: 720 pixels by 576 lines
NTSC: 720 pixels by 480 lines
Video Compression MPEG-2 with time-lapse capability
Video quality adjustment 5 levels
Real-time record duration 1 to 4 hours per DVD
Time-lapse recording modes 4, 8, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 Hours, 7 Days.
eg 24 hour mode =
Audio (with real-time video only):
Number of channels 2
Audio I/O connectors RCA Phono
Input impedance > 10 kR
Output impedance < 1 kR
Compression MPEG-1 level 2
Input / output level Line: ~200 mV peak to peak



Product Code
AB1B-5438 AfterBurner-mini 12 Volt PAL DVD video recorder (NO BURNER) with time-lapse capability. Supplied with UK mains, PSU and user guide.
AB1B-5449 AfterBurner-mini 12 Volt PAL DVD video recorder (NO BURNER) with time-lapse capability. Supplied with Euro mains PSU and user guide
AB1B-5450 AfterBurner-mini 12 Volt PAL DVD video recorder (NO BURNER) with time-lapse capability. Supplied with US mains PSU and user guide





Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.