DVD-Explorer Review Software

The AfterBurner DVD-Explorer software player has been designed to quickly review and navigate video-DVDs produced by the AfterBurner time-lapse DVD recorder.

Unlike standard DVD software players that are designed to show video clips and movies, DVD-Explorer has a number of enhanced features that allow for quick review and navigation of a video-DVD including: 

  • Single step forwards or backwards for each video frame
  • Play at various speeds, forwards or backwards
  • Go to specific data and time
  • Save selected frames as JPEG or BMP files
  • Save a gallery of pictures with user comments
  • Interface to an external jog and shuttle control for ease of navigation
  • Read AfterBurner specific data to speed up DVD navigation  

DVD-Explorer Main Screen

Once a video file or DVD has been successfully opened, the DVD-Explorer Main Screen is shown. This consists of a review screen that shows the video, along with a number of navigation buttons and sliders. The second smaller screen shows the last captured still image or chapter / alarm thumbnail.

DVD-Explorer Main Screen DVD-Explorer Main Screen
Navigation Sliders Navigation Sliders

DVD-Explorer Navigation Sliders

Coarse and fine sliders allow for quick navigation throughout the DVD. To move around the DVD, click and drag either slider button. As you do so, the corresponding date and time is shown.

Navigation  Sliders Navigation Sliders

DVD-Explorer Picture Gallery

The DVD Explorer Gallery is designed to give a summary of the points of interest on a DVD. Clicking the capture button on the Main Screen transfers a still image of the current play position to the Gallery. Clicking any of the thumbnail images in the Gallery causes the Main Screen to be opened at the point of that event. The captured images may also be saved as JPEG or BMP file.

DVD-Explorer Gallery DVD-Explorer Gallery

Jog and Shuttle Control

DVD Explorer supports an external USB job and shuttle control pad from Contour Design.  (see http://www.contourdesign.com/shuttlepro/). This unit allows for simple, one touch, control of replay speed and stepping forward and backwards. ShuttlePro-2 control pads are available from Ovation Systems. Click here for further information or contact sales@ovation.co.uk

Special Offer: DVD-Explorer is available for download free of charge for existing AfterBurner users. Email support@ovation.co.uk, including a serial number of one of your AfterBurner units, for a user-name and password

Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.

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  • Unique software program - reads AfterBurner specific data to speed up DVD navigation
  • View each frame - single step forwards or backwards ensures vital evidence is found
  • Easy to install - can be installed on a standard PC or laptop and requires minimal training to use
  • Fast navigation - control buttons and sliders allow for quick navigation around a DVD
  • Picture Gallery - frames can be bookmarked and saved, with user comments to a picture gallery for later review.
  • Jog and shuttle - can be interfaced to an external jog and shuttle pad for effective control of playback functions.