Video and audio encryption system

micro-View/Audiolock-II is an ultra-compact version of View/Audiolock-II, the leading video & audio encryption system for securing law enforcement microwave video surveillance links from interception.

micro-View/Audiolock-II consists of a package of only 67 x 54 x 9.5 mm (or a PCB of 50 x 40 mm). It has been designed for highly covert applications, such as body-worn video surveillance, or for integration within video transmission equipment.

Even though it is such a small package, micro-View/Audiolock-II retains the all the key features that have made the standard system so successful. These include digital audio encryption, via embedded data within the video, coupled with dynamic line cut and rotate video scrambling. 

micro-View/Audiolock-II is fully compatible with the standard View/Audiolock-II units and may be used interchangeably. It is even possible to download secondary keys, together with other configuration data, via the system’s serial port. 

micro-View/Audiolock-II ensures that even the most covert of surveillance links are safe and sound.

Encryption System Diagram

Dimensions and Interface

micro-View/AudioLock-II Specifications

Mechanical Size (Housed)9.5 x 43 x 67 mm. 
Mechanical Size (PCB only) 8 x 30 x 50 mm.
Operating temperature range-10 to +55 degrees C. 
FinishHard anodised blue aluminium. 
Weight30g approx.
DC power requirement7 to 32 V DC at < 0.7 Watts
(e.g. <55mA at 12V).
Standard accessoriesUser guide, DC power lead.
Control portRS 232 (Protocol on request).
Video standards supportedPAL or NTSC (auto switching).
Video input / output levels1 Vpp 75 ohm.
Lock-in time< 0.5 Sec.
Scrambling method Line cut & rotate (256 cut points).
EncryptionViewLock-II compatible.
Signal to noise>55 dB (weighted).
Number of channels0,1,2 (DIP selectable).
Scambling methodDigital audio sent as embedded data.
Audio I/O level (max)3 V pp.
Audio input impedance> 10 k R.
Audio output impedance< 100R.
Audio bandwidth (mono)30 Hz to 14 kHz (+1, -3dB).
Audio bandwidth (stereo)30 Hz to 7 kHz (+1, -3dB).
Audio compressionADPCM.

Due to continual product development Ovation Systems reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.

Our Products


  • Ultra-compact video and audio encryption system to secure covert video surveillance links.
  • Fully View/AudioLock-II video encryption compatible.
  • Optimised for use with microwave video surveillance links.
  • Ideal for battery operation: DC powered with low current drain (7 to 32 V DC, <55 mA at 12 V).
  • Supplied as housed unit or PCB for simple installation within video surveillance systems.