Ovation Systems design and manufacture a range of video products suitable for a wide range of applications including video surveillance.  Products include digital video and audio recorders, miniature video quad display processors, video stabilisation and video delay units.  All items are designed and manufactured in the UK and our key aim is to produce hardware that’s small, rugged and lightweight.

Micro-FourSight miniature video quad module. Micro-FourSight miniature video quad module.

Due to their small size and rugged construction our product range has been successful in a number of applications where traditional solutions are too large and power-hungry. Our video recorders are often used in mobile applications such as motor sports, underwater cameras and even on a space rocket.   The miniature quad displays are not only used standalone, but are often integrated into portable, battery powered surveillance systems. A good example is bomb disposal robots.

We not only provide products in rugged housings but also as PCB for integration by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  

micro-FourSight video quad PCB micro-FourSight video quad PCB


Video quad / picture-in-picture modules

Video quad and DVR PCBs for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) 

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