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Video Surveillance Equipment and Systems for the Police and Military


Ovation Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for the police, military and other government law enforcement agencies.  Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation in the law enforcement market and has won a number of awards for the development of specialist video surveillance products.  In April 2008, the company was awarded The Queen’s Award for Innovation and more recently, The Queen's Award for International Trade 2009.


Our video surveillance product range includes: video scrambling and video encryption systems to protect covert wireless surveillance links from interception. Video link expanders (multiplexer / demultiplexer) systems to increase the capacity of surveillance links from 1 to 4 channels. Small and rugged flash memory digital video recorders for highly covert and body-worn deployment. DC powered picture in picture units to show several video channels on one screen. video stabilization systems designed to reduce camera shake from long lens / high zoom video surveillance cameras.

With a such a demanding customer base as the police and military, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible product quality and reliability and  our production and design processes are certificated meet  ISO 9001 Quality Management standards.