Our Products

AfterBurner-IP 4 channel IP video recorder

4 channel IP video recorder which has specifically designed for video evidence gathering by governmental security organisations

AfterBurner-4: Evidential Video Recorder

Evidential optical disk / removable hard drive video recorder specifically designed for police evidence gathering.


With its small dimensions, advance H.264/AVC video compression and the ability to operate over IP networks, FlashBack-3 is the obvious choice for the most demanding covert law enforcement applications.


FlashBack-3C offers the benefits of the highly successful FlashBack-3 range of DVR/Streamers with miniature connectors that are colour coded for easy installation.


Miniature H.264 SD card digital video recorder and streamer with internal 3G modem.


AfterBurner-2 has been designed in conjunction with police forces around the world, with specific features for video evidence gathering. Building on the success of the original AfterBurner-1, AfterBurner-2 enhances the capabilities including the addition of programmable internal video quad, motion detection on all 4 inputs, Ethernet port and SHA-2 hash coding.


i-Conex cabling system for simple installation and wiring of Ovation's range of video surveillance products.

DVD-Explorer Review Software

PC Application for fast navigation and review of AfterBurner recorded DVD disks. Includes advanced features such as single step forwards / backwards, go to date and time, and interface to external jog & shuttle control.